After more than three decades of doing business in the transport industry, we know what our clients need. We offer continuity of service levels, value for money and peace of mind. These values from part of every client interaction and every load we supply.






About - Van der Vyver Transport | Long Distance Transport Company



We deliver a reliable, personal and needs driven transport service of perishable products and general cargo to our clients.


To be the preferred service provider of transport solutions to our chosen industry by delivering a value for money service with a competent and goal oriented team.


We have recently installed a solar driven power plant to use more environmentally friendly power. We do this to be more responsible with resources and to have a lower negative footprint.


We understand the importance of sustainability, whether it be our staff, growth or the environment. That’s why we maintain our vehicles the way we do. Pro-active maintenance leads to fewer breakdowns and ultimately the great client service we are well known for.

We also pick our vehicles to have the latest fuel saving technology. Burning less fuel also means less CO 2 emissions, which means cleaner air for us and future generations.


We have been recycling our paper, cardboard, steel, oil and many other recyclables for many years. We make sure to keep our waste to a minimum and to dispose with dangerous object in an environmentally friendly way.


We maintain an authentic and pure approach when it comes to empowerment. . Window dressing is simply not an option. To make a sustainable difference in South Africa, empowerment needs to be on a broad basis. We believe in supporting the families of our employees and people in our surrounding communities.


Emile van der Vyver started Van der Vyver Transport in 1984. He bought his first truck coming out of a mechanical transport background and seeing an opportunity to go into business with his brother Corrie as a subcontractor to Presto. Emile and Corrie were one of the first sub-contractors to work for Sunripe Fruits in the old “Sunripe Era.” This was such a success that they had their own trailers build in 1988. At the time of South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994, VDV Transport was able to purchase better trucks and shift from subcontracting to a permanent customer base. As a result, 1995 was a year of growing progress in terms of customers and acquisition of assets. During this time, we had a great focus in building excellent relationships with new permanent customers.

In 2004, the company had a great shift from thinking like a small business to realising we now have different requirements with a growth in responsibility. The focus was to streamline systems and
organisational architecture; the year that followed saw an enrichment and efficiency in structured budgets, planning, systems and company excellence.
Today the Van der Vyver Transport fleet boasts with more than 130 trucks and trailers. Throughout the years our mandate has remained the same, to serve the needs of our clients and deliver the best service in our chosen industry.