CCL Research

At work and in our communities, we often are confronted with uncertainties or tension around our differences. A challenge to all of us is to create respectful relationships amongst all the different groups at work and within our communities. Respect is of the utmost importance when dealing with the conflict between different groups. Research done by CCL found that being respectful was found to be [...]

Van Der Vyver and The Karsten Group

The Karsten group is a family business and a business of families. We are so fortunate to work with companies such as The Karsten Group that aligned with the values of Van der Vyver Transport. The group was established in 1968 by Piet Karsten and his late wife Babsie Karsten. The business started when the Karsten pair acquired a small piece of land in Kanoneiland, [...]

Introducing Our Newest Learner Drivers

We are excited to introduce our three new learner drivers. We interviewed the group and asked them about their experience with the program, from the application process to the completion of their Code 14 Licenses.   Lebohang Khothe I live in Kraaifontein and I first heard about the learnership from a VDV driver that lives in my area. As soon as I heard about the [...]

New Drivers Quarters

Van Der Vyver Transport was very proud to open the doors to the new Drivers Quarters at the beginning of August. We are currently in the process of upgrading the Cape Town Depot, and this space was next to be transformed. The new space is a much-needed upgrade and features many improvements. We wanted to make sure that we provide a comfortable and relaxing space [...]

Celebrating Heritage Day at VDV

Heritage Day was originally a Zulu Holiday known as Shaka Day, celebrated in KwaZulu Natal, and was later made a public holiday. South Africans celebrate Heritage Day by remembering the cultural heritage of the many cultures that make up the population of South Africa. The day recognizes different aspects of the South African Culture and encourages South Africans to celebrate their cultural heritage, the [...]

Drivers vs Ops Cricket Match

On Saturday the 21 st of July, Van Der Vyver Transport had its inaugural Drivers vs Operations Action Cricket match. It was the first event of its kind and all players had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and passion for the game. The VDV Drivers team, aka the Vipers consisted of Ian Coetzee, Jean van [...]