Introducing Our Newest Learner Drivers

We are excited to introduce our three new learner drivers.

We interviewed the group and asked them about their experience with the program, from the application process to the completion of their Code 14 Licenses.


Lebohang Khothe

I live in Kraaifontein and I first heard about the learnership from a VDV driver that lives in my area.

As soon as I heard about the learnership, I knew that I had to apply as it has always been my dream to have a Code 14 License and drive big trucks.

The reason that I was previously unable to complete my Code 14 License was because I could not afford it. My salary was not enough to do it, and still support my family.

After applying, I prayed every day that I would be selected for the program. To me this was an opportunity of a lifetime, and opportunities like these do not come around every day.

From a young age I loved riding bicycles and as I was growing up, I developed a love for driving cars. I soon realized that I wanted to earn my living through driving.

As I was applying for the program, I was still employed by a company that I had been working for 10 years.

I will never forget the day when I received a call from VDV saying I am one of the four selected to join the learnership program.

The call itself changed my life. As happy as I was, I was also worried that now that I have resigned from my job, I would not have an income.

To my surprise VDV let me know that we will be payed while in the program. That alone said a lot to me about VDV as a company!

I enjoyed every bit of the training process, with my favorite part being the 3 months of classes that we attended before going for our driving lessons.

The classes helped me understand what being a professional driver is all about.

I was nervous when I went for the driving test because to me getting that license was equivalent to people getting their degrees.

It is something that I have always wanted! I was very focused on the day of the test and that is why I made it and passed the driving test.

I am so excited to start the training on the road with the experienced VDV drivers.

I am very grateful for the opportunity, and I will prove to the company that I was the best choice by representing the company well wherever I go.


Simphiwe Mpengesi

I am from Eastern Cape and was visiting family in Cape Town when I met a VDV driver in Laingsburg on my way home.

I had a chat with the driver and asked him if VDV employs Code 10 drivers as I was at that point looking for a job.

The driver told me that VDV only employees Code 14 drivers, but that we have a learnership program running each year.

The driver advised me to call the and inquire about how to apply. I called, and as they say from that call the rest is history.

I am just grateful that I have been with this great company for about a year now.

For me the experience that stands out the most of this whole process was the training in the depot.

We trained for about 3 weeks in the depot, working in the stores and Fleet Control.

The stores taught me a lot about what to do in instances where I get a breakdown and I also got to learn about truck parts that I did not even know excised.

Fleet Control gave me a clear understanding of the diesel consumption and how to take care of the tools.

The people in stores and in Fleet Control were very patient when they were explaining things to us and they were always willing to answer the questions that we had.

Everyone in the depot always looked happy and that alone made me to even more excited to be part of this happy VDV family.

I am looking forward to going out on the road now that I have obtained my Code 14 License.

I have confidence that the drivers that are training me will be very friendly and helpful, just as the few people I have interacted with at VDV were.


Khaya Sulelo

I use to work as a long-distance driver, but was only driving 1 Ton trucks as I only had a Code 10 Drivers License.

Every time I saw the heavy load truck on the road, I wished that I was able to drive them.

When I heard about the learnership at VDV I did not think twice about applying.

I sent in my application as soon as possible. Once I applied, I did not actually think I was going to get a call back because there were rumors that there were already so many applications.

When I eventually received the call and was told that I am a successful candidate, I was in disbelief.

I thought to myself that the VDV people must have seen something in me that they did not see in the other candidates.

From that point I told myself that I will be serious throughout the learnership program because I don’t want to disappoint myself or the VDV team.

I was so excited when I passed my Code 14 License in the beginning of November!

To me this is not only about obtaining the Code 14 License and driving trucks. This opportunity that I was given will impact the lives of my family, and better them and myself.

No other company could have done this for me but VDV. Thank you for trusting me and giving me the opportunity.

For this I will forever be grateful to the company.


Best of luck to all our new learner drivers, we look forward to seeing you on the road!

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