New Drivers Quarters

Van Der Vyver Transport was very proud to open the doors to the new Drivers Quarters at the beginning of August. We are currently in the process of upgrading the Cape Town Depot, and this space was next to be transformed. The new space is a much-needed upgrade and features many improvements. We wanted to make sure that we provide a comfortable and relaxing space for drivers and their wives to rest while in the depot.

The new kitchen is a much bigger space and has tables where drivers can enjoy their food. The previous drivers’ quarters did not have an indoor dining area. The TV room has two big comfortable couches and is a great space for drivers to relax after their long hours on the road. Drivers can sit back and enjoy their favorite TV shows on the new Flat Screen TV over the weekends while they are in the depot. DSTV was installed to give the drivers access to a variety of sports and shows to watch.

The bathroom in the old drivers’ quarters only had two unisex showers. The new quarters were built with separate showers and toilets for both men and women. Keep an eye on the depot in the coming months for many more exciting changes. The next upgrade to follow the Drivers Quarters is the building to house the Containers.

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