Van Der Vyver and The Karsten Group

The Karsten group is a family business and a business of families.

We are so fortunate to work with companies such as The Karsten Group that aligned with the values of Van der Vyver Transport.

The group was established in 1968 by Piet Karsten and his late wife Babsie Karsten.

The business started when the Karsten pair acquired a small piece of land in Kanoneiland, west of Upington.

Years later they bought the Roepers-fontein farm, which would later become The Karsten Group Headquarters.

The small farm in Kanoneiland of only 15 Hectors became the test ground for the group that is now a giant in the fruit and vegetable industry.

The group grew exponentially from 2000, starting with a fruit and vegetable farm in Ceres.

From there, New Vision Fruit was established in 2004 as the export and logistics arm of the group.

Karsten UK was later established in 2005 as the distribution service provider.

Another farm was acquired in 2012 in the Western Cape, also producing table grapes.

The group grew their logistics side even further in 2013 when they establish New Vision BV in Rotterdam to supply and deliver services to Europe, and promote their products in the Far– and Middle East.

When asked how they maintain their success Piet Karsten simply answers “we look after our people and in turn the profit looks after itself.”

The group is in a class of its own and they are successful because they take such good care of their staff.

We are so proud to have been in business with this incredible company for more than 30 years and to be their preferred transporter in the industry.

In early December we started with the transportation of grapes from Upington, and this is our busiest season of the year.

This is our busy season because the group has put their faith in us that we will be able to deliver their product on time and in the right condition.

From the VDV Team we would like to congratulate Piet Karstens and The Karsten Group on such an amazing achievement.

Keeping a business alive AND thriving for 50 years is no small task!

Great work has been done under the leadership of Piet we hope that your legend continues to live on.

We wish you many more years of success and we hope to continue this journey with you.

Thank you for the past 30 years of partnership!

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